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Cold and Flu Home Remedies

It's that time again, cold and flu season, and many of us are choosing to go the natural route. While some of us chance it with the flu shot, as a medicine healer you may be being asked what is there to do to keep the cold and flu at bay!.

In this podcast, I share three cold and flu home remedies with herbs you can get from your local grocery store.

I wanted to provide some quick and easy remedies that everyone can share not just for your clients but for you too. As medicine healers in the holistic arena the community comes to us for ideas and tips.

Its not that we have all the answers, but it sure is nice to have a few ideas we can share that we have tried. Folk Healing is the wisdom passed down through the ages. From parent to child, grandparent to grandchild and neighbor to neighbor. Folk healing is a valuable part of all or our cultures. Enjoy the show!!

Its me Chonteau and this picture was taken when I was harvesting beautyberry to make a syrup.  You just never know what is growing in your backyard. Your greatest cure could be right beneath your feet. The Intuitive Herbal Me6C5D434C-C118-49DF-AF2C-CD28A25A948E.jpegntor course was my first course and focuses on training you to become a folk healer. Listen to the podcast to learn more and enjoy.



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