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What to Look For When Choosing A Medicine Healer

What do you look for when choosing a medicine healer, Shaman and /or Priestess?  It can be a slippery slope trying to understand who is the best healer for you in the great sea of modern day shamans. Most of us did  not grow up  in indigenous villages  where the Medicine Woman or Man was at our disposal.

In our modern day, we are living in a global village and our teachers and healers are not always folks we have known for years, but referred to us by a friend or someone we have followed on social media for a spell.

In this podcast What To Look For When Choosing A Medicine Healer, Chonteau shares her top 4 criteria she looks for when choosing a healer to learn from or seek support from.

These 4 criteria are the foundational learning structure for her Sacred Healers Apprenticeship Program. 

It is her intention,  in this Soul Time Talk, listeners are awakened to some insight that will support choosing a Medicine Healer.  Also those who are called to the Spiritual healing arts in its many forms have a guideline of how to begin stepping into their practice with more authenticity. 

The Sacred Healers Shamanic Apprenticeship program will reopen its registration in Early Spring 2018. Chonteau is setting up inquiry interviews now for interested parties.  After listening to this podcast please reach out if you  have an interest in the journey. 

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