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Whole Woman Self Care With Vivianna

Happy New Year welcome to 2018 a year of magic and transformation. We have a treat for you!!  Our guest this week on Soul Time  is  Vivianna of Whole Woman Self Care.


Viviana is passionate about Women’s Holistic Health and Wellness, and has the gift of teaching, educating and inspiring Women on their magical journey.

She offers classes and workshops on Whole Woman Self Care and educates on topics such as holistic nutrition, gut health, hormonal balance, connecting with one’s menstrual flow and phases,  and natural and effective charting to know your body and consciously choose when you desire becoming pregnant.

I met Vivianna several years ago at a women's circle and I have enjoyed watching her unfold and open to her wild heart to life.  She is an incredible spirit and ball of joy. In this conversation she gives us a peak into her own self care journey and how it has evolved over the years.

Vivianna gives us some insight on her womb wellness journey,  share tips on making  New Year's life style changes and  shares her wisdom about self care from the wise woman perspective.  This conversation is right up my alley and we fell in to beautiful flow. 

Enjoy getting to know Vivianna as much as I did.  If you want to know more about what she is doing and how she can support you her links are below.

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