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Dance As A Revolution with Tanita Fadyeyola

You are in for a treat with this Soul Time Talk.  Whenever I get together with my soul siStar Tanita Fadyeyola for a talk i is scrumptious. 

Tanita was one of my first dance teachers in the African tradition and to see how she has fused together dance languages with the languages of spirit and energy is inspiring. Just listening to her healing story of how dance saved her life will inspire you to find ways to move your own body and live with more passion and love.

This talk is spattered with pure synchronicity and a testimony that there are no coincidences.   Journey with Tanita as she  shares her stories of childhood racism, abuse and  feeling lost  and then be inspired of how dance helped her to transcend all of it and join the Dance revolution. 

Tanita is a native of Philadelphia and she as been teaching dance and fitness since 1990.  She is trained in Jazz, Modern Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop and Theater, but has extensive studies, training and passion for African and Afro-Carribean dance culture and folklore.

She is based in LA, and has performed and choreographed throughout the United States, Ghana, England, Mexico, Scotland, Senegal, South Africa and Hong Kong.  Tanita is the creator of Afrofunk! DanceFit c and Move.Dance.LIVE Method tm.

Tanita enjoys traveling the world, facilitating workshops, retreats, and private movementshops that inspire the clarity  confidence and courage necessary for life changing transformation. 

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