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Healing Vibrations With Clare Hedin

 Are you ready to dip into a deep pool of wisdom? My time with Clare was simply Divine. Clare unfolds part of her healing journey with sound and nature and how her own creativity was awakened.

We talked about what is means for her to protect the sacred, and help others tap into their creative potential.  This conversation unwinds so  beautifully and there are many hidden gems for us to ponder for days. Clare is a philosopher and invites us to explore the space in between our thoughts and words. I never like to edit these talks, I love the organic feel. At the end of this call Clare share  some healing tones. It is not always clear however you do get a taste. I find the fading in and out perfect as it symbolized the weaving we did through out the conversation.

This is good stuff, I promise you!  Enjoy! If you feel called to joined out community and leave a comment please do the link is below.


Clare is a sound-healer, international speaker, protector of the sacred, and educator for the creative potential of humanity. Clare has been a singer/songwriter, recording artist, performer and healer for many years. She researches Consciousness for Social Change and teaches Creativity & Innovation at SFSU & coaches individuals.

She also has developed a theory Dynamic Emergence for our collective evolution. Musically, she has 7 CDs (available on her website) and has taken her knowledge of sound healing and conscious reality shifting onto many platforms including; radio, hospitals, conferences, workshops, ritual space and performs for sacred yoga and Labyrinth walks at Grace Cathedral, SF.

She's used Sound for her own healing and for deepening her relationship to the Sacred. She accompanies herself with Shruti and piano. 

She has recently released a personally created video workshop series: 7 Stages of Self-Transformation.

To reach Clare you can go to these links below:

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Free Sound Art Meditation Videos:

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