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The Art of Sacred Receiving

How often do you say thank you out of obligation or because you were taught that was the polite thing to do? Guess what? Many of us do not know how to receive with an open heart. We are walking around dismissing and rejecting our blessings because no one modeled to us how to truly receive with openness.

In my younger days, it was never modeled to me what receiving  with an open heart really looked like.  I was taught how to serve others without expecting anything in return.  This was the noble  and respectable way. I think for many in my generation this was the norm.

Saying thank you after receiving something is more of a social grace than actually feeling it. Saying thank you is automatic and a way to prove that we were not rude. The inability to receive with openness is an epidemic, I feel, and has lead to nation of women and men that are unable to lovingly give to themselves.

By not being able to receive with an open heart, we cut off our blessings and feed the parts of ourselves that think we are not deserving or good enough. 

It was when someone modeled to me what it looked like to openly receive kind words and complements that I began my journey to understand what was holding me back from wholeheartedness in this area of my life.

In this podcast I talk about these 4 steps that supported my process of sacred receiving:

  • When I received a complement or kind words I began to mindfully explore my feelings
  • Set an intention to understand
  • Learn the stories I was telling myself that fueled my feelings of unworthiness
  • Begin to practice sacred receiving
  • Repeat and Rinse





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