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Why I Can't Move Forward~ Taking Action or Not

In this Soul Time Talks Podcast I  talk about the steps I move through before starting any major projects or  when I find myself  having difficulty moving forward. It has little  to do with strategies and organization   and more to do with understanding my inner dialogue.

This is the tip of the iceberg when it come  to parts and shadow work.  We are constantly starting new in every moment which means that every moment give us a new opportunity to create from  the spark of life. Rather than push ourselves through to accomplish our goals why not investigate the thoughts behind the thoughts.

When we meet our inner voice with love and compassion we find understanding... and that opens doors. Listen in and uncover a deeper meaning as to why you are still feeling like you can't accomplish what you have your mind set on.

At the end of the call, I provide you with one of my favorite visualizations for gaining insight into my inner dialogue and see who is running my "house".

So, sit back with your favorite cup of tea and join me for some Soul Time. 

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