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Expressing Your Unique Indigenous Self with Olatokunboh Obasi

As one of my elders will say, "we are all indigenous to Mother Earth".  We all are having a unique experience here on earth and Olatokunboh or Ola as many of her friends call her, talks about her experience in keeping the Spirit of her Ancestors alive through her work as a Medicine Woman. 

Olatokunboh Obasi MSc, RH (AHG), CNS is a wellness professional in herbal medicine, nutrition and indigenous ways of practice.  She is an educator/founder of Well of Indigenous Wisdom school for herbal medicine and African cosmology and owner of Kuti Herbals.  A birth Douala, yoga and dance instructor, author, presenter and healer her devotion is to serve humanity and care-take the earth.

 In this conversation on Soul Time, we dive deep into walking the medicine path as a healer in this modern day. Ola gives us a glimpse of what lead her to this path of a Herbalist, Activist and Teacher. Her story is fascinating and you can feel the passion in her voice as she recalls her journey. 

Ola is currently living in Puerto Rico and she share with us what she is experiencing after Hurricane Maria  devastated the Island. Listen to what she is doing to support her community. 

Ola is my sister from another mister and I am so happy to introduce her to our community. She is a wealth of information and here to support you. There are many ways to reach Ola.

Phone: 240-252-8774, Facebook: Well of Indigenous Wisdom


If you feel lead to help Ola, she is accepting donations to help with her clinic in Puerto Rico

For PayPal payments or Donations:


And you can go to Herbalist Without Borders



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